Frequently Asked Question

What is this home Delivery service by Dr Saathi?
Dr. Saathi provides home delivery of medicines to the patients who cannot visit medical stores. Our delivery personnel will be there in your doorstep with your medicines.


How to make the order for the medicine?

1. Register with
2. Choose the product.
3. Make the order.
4. You will get the confirmation call for the order from our customer service team.
5. Get your medicine at your location.

What is scope of your medicine delivery?
Currently, we provide home delivery service inside kathmandu ringroad.



How much do you charge for delivery?
The home delivery service is free for order above Rs. 1,000. Otherwise, we charge Rs. 100 per order.
What is your minimum order amount?
The minimum order amount is Rs. 400 only.
Return Policy
Can I return the medicine?
You may return the medicine within next 24 hours after delivery.


What if I have already paid for the delivery charge and I want to return the medicine?
The delivery charge would also be returned to you. If we have not been useful to you, we won’t charge you even a single paisa.
Is the price of medicine different for home delivery service?
There is no difference in the price in home delivery service; the price is as same as if you had visited the medical store.
How do I make the payment to Dr. Saathi?
The payment is cash-on-delivery, which means  you would only have to pay after you receive the medicine from our delivery personnel.
Do I have to pay anything else (like membership charge)?

The only charge you would have to pay is for medicine (and delivery charge if applicable). Other than that, there is no other charges involved.

Still need help? Send us a note!
For any other questions, please write us at or call us on +977 5520566.