About Us

Long story short

Dr.Saathi was established with the objective of providing the best health solution in Nepal. A chain of the stores under the Dr Saathi brand delivers this service in the form of chain of pharmacies. The brand Dr Saathi quest for establishment of trust and service in the health sector which sets consistent quality standards in all its pharmacies through proper management, good infrastructure, recruitment and partnership with professionals who are highly capable, dedicated towards their work and service oriented.

We believe in being responsible to all the medical professionals and patients who use our products. While we constantly focus on bringing the best quality, we are also keen on reducing cost so that we can provide our customers with fair price. Consistent quality and reduced cost can only ensure sustainable growth for our company. While we intend to grow by serving the medical professionals and patients, we also seek to provide opportunity for our partners and suppliers to make fair profit.


At Dr. Saathi, we stronly believe that a country can only progress if we can instill confidence among the people regarding the health services. Our each and every action is driven to pass confidence to the people. The Dr. Saathi chains are envisioned to grow and reach all major cities of Nepal and provide highly trustworthy and easily accessible health solutions that general public can afford.